Molinari is strong of the expertise of the mechanical engineering district of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, an excellent business card to present itself on international markets where the prestige of Made in Italy also applies to the manufacturing sector, like the German one.

In fact Bergamo and Brescia each year compete for the first place in the province with more exports at European level, even overcoming the German Dortmund.

Today it is impossible to remain within national boundaries and more often it's necessary to enter new international markets either directly, with the acquisition of contracts with foreign clients, or indirectly with Italian clients who deal with projects that are implemented abroad.

Molinari has moved from being a small company in the Lombard mechanical engineering industry to being an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world.

It was necessary to change the commercial attitude, to know the customs and traditions of the geographical areas where the company wanted to show its potential, find local partners, and especially learn how to manage commissioning and post-sales requests in geographically and culturally distant countries.





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