Molinari offers a complete range of granulators and shredders able to face any shredding challenge, to manage the unpredictable without destroying itself, as customers ask.


Molinari granulators and shredders are notoriously very robust, compared to the standards available on the market.

Perhaps a risky choice, considering the tendency of the moment to contain production costs, but it turned out to be a winning card to be noticed among many producers already referenced. Indestructible machines.


To manage the specific shredding needs of each customer, the design of the machine can be changed according to particular requests.

Thanks to the in-house mechanical processing, it is possible to build non-standard components and also to handle big parts.

Molinari Technical Office is available to make design changes, so as to always guarantee the total integration with existing systems that require specific layout arrangements. Adaptable to all the needs.


Waste can represent a very important energy resource if treated by machines that spend a reduced amount of energy. For this reason Molinari has always designed machines with a lower energy consumption compared to what is already present on the market, or with a higher productivity with the same energy consumption.


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