The Molinari mill/grinder is an innovative machine in the grinding sector.

Our grinder allows to obtain higher output than the conventional mills (such as hammer mills, blade mills) or to save up the energy consumption to 30-50% while maintaining the same production. It is a high performance machine, especially with products hard to be treated (such as wood of medium and large size, polyethylene pipes, PVC) that can be ground with screens having 12,8,6,4,3 mm holes (for instance to obtain sawdust from wood).

All the parts of Molinari machines can be cooled: machine body, bearings support, fixed blades and rotor shaft. Therefore, also materials such as rubber can be processed without difficulties.

A presser can be installed in the back part of the loading hopper thus making it possible to grind drums and tanks without having to shear or pre-shred them. The motion of the presser is controlled by photocells installed on the loading hopper.



Hollow rotor with staggered blades, patented by Molinari. It provides energy savings up to 30%, with a given production. Interchangeable and sharpenable blades. Fixed blades are axially adjustable and can be sharpened.


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