In 2017 Molinari celebrated its 30th anniversary.

It was in fact 1987 when Luigino Molinari and Faustino Fratus gave life in Grassobbio, near Bergamo, to Officina Meccanica Molinari.

Seeing what Molinari is today, we can hardly identify it with the company it originally was. A new location in Lenna, immersed in the mountainous landscape of Brembana Valley.

A new owner, Giovanni Gervasoni, who foresaw its potential and took it over in 2010, implementing a sort of generational transition between the founders and their young successor.

A new staff, renewed and expanded, both numerically and technologically speaking. Even the production activity has changed, gradually abandoning the mechanical processing on behalf of third parties in order to completely dedicate time to the design and manufacturing of machinery for the recycling sector. But a careful observer would know how to go beyond these obvious changes and would realize that in reality the company constituent values, those that define activities and create products, are always the same.

The search for innovation, seriousness, professionalism, dedication to work and for things done "as it should be", according to the uncompromising orobic spirit, have distinguished the activity of Molinari since the origins and even today are traceable in the production process: in the solidity of the machines and in their ability to perfectly respond to any need; in the continuous technological innovation and in the tireless Show our concrete capabilities to the costumer limit to zero defects, disservices, internal and external problems towards the customer respect people, the environment and all those involved Pursue the goals of quality and customer service business development; in the energy of those who daily travel a long mountain road to go to the place of work that was previously under the house; in the collaborations still in progress with the first historical customers and with the same trusted suppliers.

The last ten years have been of growth and maturation, but without bending the founding values.

Molinari's commitment is to continue in that way: to evolve without ever changing, to build a precious future for the company and for the community in which it is located.


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