The TG granulator was born as an evolution of the tp series primary shredder.

The main features of this machine are its robustness and rigidity, which result in a better rubber-cutting performance.

What guided the design of the granulator was the desire to pursue the economic sustainability of the company that will use it, as far as this concept can be applied to such a machine.

For this reason, we decided to create a machine capable of reusing the wearing parts that are disassembled from the primary shredders.

This factor is very interesting both from an economic point of view in terms of savings on consumables, and from the point of view of environmental protection for the processing of raw materials.

The negative rake of the blades combined with the peripheral speed of the rotor make it possible to separate the wire from the rubber.



Special probes send the temperature data of the machine directly to the plc, in order to alert the operator in the event of abnormal overheating.


Robust structure in carpentry, very thick welded, machined in italy with cnc machines. possibility to add water during the shredding to break down the dispersion of the textile-dust in the environment.


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