The single-shaft shredder of TPmSeries is a perfect machine in the grinding sector.

The trapezoidal blades and the speed of rotation guarantee an optimal performance in terms of energy consumption, production and maintenance.

The structure of the machine is made by very thick plates, in order to guarantee long lasting, robustness and reliability.

A presser guarantees the grinding of material with big dimensions, avoiding the clogging phenomenon. The motorization varies in function of the types of materials that have to be ground.

A screen is installed under the rotor. Differently from the other shredders on the market, thanks to this screen you can get a final homogenous ground product according to the dimensions of the screen chosen. The dimensions of the holes of the screen vary from a range of 40 to 400mm. The productivity varies in function of the dimensions of the holes of the screen: the hourly output increases as the size of the hole.

A PLC management allows the customer to modify certain operating parameters autonomously, or to follow a preset machining cycle.



Molinari provides an assistance service via remote. This is offered for free for the duration of the warranty and allows the manufacturer to remain in constant contact with the customer to provide the assistance software which the client may need (variation of parameters or just telephone support in the consultation of the alarms).


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